A Letter from the Coach’s Wife

Today I give you my husband and my kids give you their daddy! Treat him with respect. Take his words to heart. Remember, he is there to make you better and to coach you to the very best of his ability. This is more than a job to him, this is a lifestyle. As of today each of you are treated like his own. He will encourage you, push you, and guide you to be your very best. He will be there for you when you are down and he will pick you up and lead you in the right direction. He will miss a lot of dinners at home and his own kid’s activities to work extra hard so he can be the best coach he can for you. I will come cheer for you, as if you were my own child. I will care about all of you because he does. I will try my best to know all of your names because I know you are not just a number on the field. I will pray for each of you every night but I ask you to pray for us as well. It is very hard not having him with us but I loan him to you because I know how important it is for him and for you. I ask that you work hard, study hard, don’t make excuses, and learn from your mistakes. It is a privilege to run out on the field with your team, wearing those school colors. So, be proud of the uniform and respect what it means. Not only to you, but to your entire team. This team is your band of brothers and each of you brings something special, you are all important. Whether you are starting every game or trying to earn that spot on the field, each and every single one of you is important to Coach, and to our family. Go out there and work hard every day. Dabo Swinney once said, “Do common things in an uncommon way.” Now, let’s go out there and make some lifelong memories!  

Here is to another amazing football season!

Sincerely, Mrs. Shelby

Author: Shelby Black-Shelby